Changing the way to manage airborne grease...

  • Safety Shield is a fiber-based disposable grease filter that captures and contains up to 99% of airborne grease before it enters into the kitchen exhaust system.

    Economical and Environmentally responsible choice
    • Save labor costs from current practices
    • Prevent caustic chemical discharge into water system
    • Reduce frequency of grease trap cleaning
    • Filters are 100% biodegradable from renewable resources
    Prevent Grease Buildup
    • Remove fire potential within ductwork
    • Maintain integrity of fire suppression components
    • Fan systems remain clean and efficient
    • Drastically reduce exhaust cleaning demands
    Eliminate Rooftop Grease
    • Dramatically extend roof life
    • No need for secondary grease containment
    • Prevent grease run-off into parking lots
    • Keep HVAC equipment clean