Changing the way to manage airborne grease...

  • A Natural Solution.

    Safety Shield disposable filters are constructed from a blend of natural wool and regenerated cellulose fibers that have a strong affinity to hold oil and grease.The non-woven filter media strikes a perfect balance of fiber weight and high loft that allows for minimal airflow restriction as the oils are collected.

    The Safety Shield filters are simply installed upstream of the metal baffle filters in a kitchen hood where they capture up to 99% of the airborne grease before it can enter the ductwork.

    The filters are exchanged by restaurant staff based on individualized replacement schedule. Typical exchange periods for an average volume restaurant range from 3-7 days (chargrill) and 15-30 days (fryer).

    Disposal of the filters is as simple as placing in the kitchen trash. The wool/cellulose composition of the discarded filter is readily biodegradable along with the protein-based grease.