Changing the way to manage airborne grease...

  • Fire Protection

    Traditional metal baffle filters stop about 15% of airborne grease. Safety Shield Filters, used in tandem with metal baffle filters capture up to 98% of the grease before it reaches your fire suppression system.

    Safety Shield protects the integrity of your fire suppression system, allowing it to function as it was designed.

    These photos were taken only 60 days after a professional exhaust system cleaning. The excessive grease can not only cause a fire to flare up within the exhaust system, it can actually prevent the fire suppression system from engaging.

    Photo taken 6 months after installation of Safety Shield Filters. There is still no grease build up within the ductwork at this location. Note the condition of the fire suppression links.

    Photo taken 12 months after installation of Safety Shield Filters. The system has not been cleaned for one year!